A Letter From Jack to Rose

You are my heart’s sacrifice.

I knew it all along. I knew it from the first time I laid my eyes on you. I knew it from the first time I got the chance to talk to you after the incident that night. And thinking about it, I realized that we met in the most extraordinary yet,unexpected way. And I thanks heavens for giving me the chance to have met a wonderful woman like you. You are this free spirited girl, you have the heart for people, you are kind, and gentle, sincere, funny and you can be little bit fierce at times. The list of what you are to me might go on, but one thing is for sure, I fell in love with you. Deeply. Surely. All at once.

But then again, you are one of those things that I can’t have. You are like a famous painting being displayed at an art museum, leaving a lot of people in awe. While, I am just a drawing, made out of charcoal and paper that can be sold 1 cent per piece. That’s all I am, and you knew that. People in your clan reminds you every damn day that you and I can’t be together– we’re different. At first, I thought, maybe they are right– you are way out of my league and I should just give up the illusion that you have felt the same way towards me. And all of this was big fat mistake. I thought about forgetting you. But, you came back and you rescued me. You came back for me. And from that moment I knew that I would do everything it takes for me to save you. From anything– from the darkness, the pain, the cold waters of the Atlantic. I am more than willing to bear the danger of this world for you.

I just want to make you feel the happiest girl in the world. To have you free from all the weights of the world on your shoulder. I want you travel, to experience a lot of things, to see all the things that this world can offer. You deserve that. Live your life the way you want it to be lived. And I’ll wait till we can be together again. Maybe not in this world but somewhere that our love could be eternal. Until then, live well.


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